[UPDATE] Panel on Merwin's The Shadow of Sirius | Louisville Conference | Deadline extended to August 25th

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Merwin Studies: Poetry, Poetics, Ecology
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I am looking to form a panel on Merwin's The Shadow of Sirius for The Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture since 1900, Feb. 21-23, 2013.

Merwin shares in "Worn Words" (from The Shadow of Sirius) that he is drawn to the "late poems" for they "are made of words / that have come the whole way / they have been there" (ln 7–10). Such a line is reminiscent of Whitman's notion that a blade of grass—a poem—is nothing less than the "journey-work of the stars" (Song of Myself, 1891–92). This panel aims to trace a few of the myriad trajectories (words, images, ideas, forms, tropes) in their becoming, in their journey toward making The Shadow of Sirius, and its basic premise is that through The Shadow of Sirius, Merwin pushed his poetry, poetics, and ecological vision beyond what he has accomplished thus far. Papers that explore the teaching of The Shadow of Sirius are welcome as well.

Please send 300 word abstracts and brief academic bio to merwinstudies@gmail.com by July 1st.

For more information, see www.merwinstudies.com