2012 ELLAK Global Conference at Busan Convention Center, Korea in December 11-14, 2012

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ELLAK (English Language and Literature Association of Korea)
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Call for Papers

2012 ELLAK Internationall Conference on "Border, Translation, and What Then?: Rethinking "Convergence" in English Language and Literature"
C0-Hosted by ELLAK(English Language and Literature Association of Korea) and CISLE (Center for International Study of Literatures in English)

11-14 December 2012, Bexco Convention Center, Busan, Korea (Abstracts due July 31, 2012)

The 2012 ELLAK International Conference will provide an open forum for scholars from all over the world, as well as the ongoing dialogue of global exchanges and contestations in the fields of English language and literature, including cultures, films, and other representations in English that discuss border, translation, convergence for the future English studies.
Topics may include the following (but not limited to):

Border & Translation:
-[places] Africa/South-African, Caribbean, India, South Asia, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland
- migration and border crossings
- diaspora and postcolonialism
- globalization and localism
- transationalism and transculturalism
- reconsidering literary genres and periods
- new perspectives on and contributions to English literature by writers and scholars from non-English speaking countries
- pidgin Englishes in Asian countries
- English language and English literature in Korea: one department and two disciplines?
- traditional genres: autobiography, biography, and life writing, genre studies, drama, film, poetry, prose fiction, literary criticism, nonfiction prose studies,

- cultural translation and transcultural encounters
- literatures and cultures in diasporic and postcolonial borders
- multicultural and minority voices
- translation as space for the convergence of diverse cultural practices
- translation and Korean diasporic literature

- conceptual differences between interdisciplinarity and convergence
- comparative literature and interdisciplinarity
- crossing or reconfiguring borders?: recent developments in the studies of national, world and comparative literatures
- convergence in literary theory and criticism
- methodology for research in and/or teaching convergence courses
- analysis of literary texts particularly suited for the idea of convergence
- the meaning and role of science in science fiction
- the nature of the convergence of film and literary studies
- possibilities of non-Anglo-American-centered and/or post-disciplinary research methodology in the studies of English literature
- transnational literature, postcolonial literature, diasporic literature, transatlantic literature, travel literature, literature in exile

- linguistics, language studies, applied linguistics, English language education
- history and theory of rthetoric and composition, language change, language theory, language and society
- teaching of language, teaching of literature

Please submit a 500-word proposal and your bio-data by July 31, 2012 to the Organizing Committee at: conference@ellak.or.kr

The Committee will evaluate all submissions carefully and organize individual papers into thematic sessions, and will respond by September 15, 2012, by email. All presenters will be expected to submit their full papers by July 31, 2012; papers will be included in the conference proceedings.
For further information, please visit the ELLAK website at http://www.ellak.or.kr

The English Language and Literature Association of Korea (ELLAK): Youngmin Kim, President and Chair of the Organizing Committee of the 2012 ELLAK International Conference, Bexco Convention Center, Busan, Korea (Abstracts due July 31, 2012)

Contact email: conference@ellak.or.kr

Youngmin Kim, President & Chair, Organizing Committee of the 2012 ELLAK International Conference