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Pragmatism Today invites scholars to submit essays for an upcoming special issue on somaesthetics. The field of somaesthetics addresses a variety of theoretical and practical disciplines, and essays exploring any of these connections are welcome. Essays might assess the neopragmatist (or other philosophical) roots of somaesthetics; investigate the role of bodies and bodily experience in the pragmatist tradition (or the philosophical tradition more broadly); explore the consequences of somaesthetics as an approach to practicing philosophy; consider the reception of somaesthetics by literary or cultural theorists; or draw connections to some of the philosophical and cultural disciplines that can be put into fruitful dialogue with somaesthetics, such as feminism, gender theory, political theory, cultural studies, aesthetics, art history, artistic practices, literary theory and criticism, cognitive science, and health studies.

Please send your article in Word format to Wojciech Malecki (wojciech.malecki@wp.pl) or to John Golden (jgolde21@fau.edu) by 15 September 2012. Submissions should be between 6,000 and 9,000 words and follow the guidelines for citation and formatting specified in the Chicago Manual of Style.

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