Delillo After Underworld for Louisville, Feb 21-23; abstracts by Sept 1

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Martina Sciolino, University of Southern Mississippi
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Delillo After Underworld

This panel welcomes papers on Delillo's work written after the publication of what many consider to be his magnum opus. Asked about the difference between that maximalist epic and his more recent writings, Delillo says: "A novel determines its own size and shape and I've never tried to stretch an idea beyond the frame and structure it seemed to require. (Underworld wanted to be big and I didn't attempt to stand in the way.) The theme that seems to have evolved in my work during the past decade concerns time - time and loss. This was not a plan; the novels have simply tended to edge in that direction." Though his recent novels may not take an epic form, they maintain a large scope. This panel hopes to illuminate how Delillo's later works continue his signature themes, how they engage topical events, and how they reflect the writer as elder.

Topics might include:

Delillo as public intellectual
Life after Death
Postmodern Existentialism
Delillo and the end(s) of theory
Roots of the later work in the early work

Send e-mail by September 1 with the attachments described below to The panel chair will send selected abstracts to the conference organizers by September 15.


"The first attachment is to consist of a 300-word abstract (double-spaced and titled) omitting all references to the submitter. The second attachment is to contain a cover page (see details below). Previously presented or published papers are not eligible.

• Submitter's cover page to include:
◦ Name (as it will appear in the program)
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◦ Telephone number
◦ Academic affiliation (if applicable)
◦ Title of paper/work (as it will appear in the program)
◦ National origin/genre of work discussed (please be specific)
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