Book Publication 2013 - Othello's Island: Mediaeval and Renaissance Cyprus in art, literature and wider culture

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The Cornaro Institute
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Proposed New Book

Call for papers for publication

Working title: Othello's Island: Mediaeval and Renaissance Cyprus in art, literature and wider culture

We invite written academic papers on the theme of "Mediaeval and Renaissance Cyprus in visual art, literature and wider culture" for a proposed new book on the subject to be published jointly by the Cornaro Institute (Cyprus) and the Orage Press (UK).

The aim of the book is to allow researchers in a variety of academic fields to disseminate their work in this area. Topics might include the visual culture, material culture and/or history of Lusignan and Venetian Cyprus, the influence of these on the wider world, aspects of writing by Shakespeare and other writers of the Mediaeval or Renaissance period involving Cyprus (for example the Cypriot context of Othello) and so on.

Political and social history is also welcomed, but our general aim is to be 'catholic' in deciding topics to include, so please feel free to suggest relevant areas outside of those mentioned. As a general principle the dates of interest are between the years 1192 and 1571, or later cultural or political manifestations that have a relevance to Cyprus between these dates (eg. Shakespeare writing Othello circa 1603).

Word length is set at between 3000 and 5000 words including footnotes. British or American English spelling, and please use the Chicago Manual of Style referencing system.

Proposed papers should be sent electronically in Word format and set at double line spacing in Times New Roman (12 point). The assumption should be that no images are possible, but if images are absolutely necessary please contact us first.

We are happy to consider papers published elsewhere providing permission from the original publication(s) is first obtained by the author before submitting the paper. The onus is on the authors to obtain all permissions.

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