Marguerite Porete, the Mirror, and Their Contexts (Kalamazoo, deadline Sept. 15)

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International Marguerite Porete Society
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For the International Congress on Medieval Studies at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, USA, May 9-12, 2013, we are inviting proposals for papers in two sessions on Marguerite Porete, the Mirror of Simple Souls, and their contexts:

Session I. "Which Mirror of Simple Souls? Reconsidering Manuscript Transmission and Translation."
This first session invites papers about the Mirror's manuscript tradition, the relationships among copies, the book's medieval translations into Latin and vernacular languages, the implications of the fragments in ms. Valenciennes, Bibliothèque municipale 239, the relative merits of various manuscripts, reconsideration of copies' dates, and work on related topics.

Session II. "Resonances of the Mirror of Simple Souls: Literary,
Theological, Historical, Aesthetic."
The second session invites papers that compare, contrast, or reinterpret the Mirror in conjunction with other works. The title's word "resonances" opens the session to considering not only the context and intertext of Marguerite Porete's work, but also the effects that her book has had on later thinkers. This would continue the discussion about whether Marguerite "plays well with others," and about what other texts can be most productively read or taught alongside her book.

For further information, please see the Call for Papers. The deadline for proposals is September 15, 2012, and earlier proposals are welcome. A proposal consists of a 300-word abstract and the participant information form. No dudan en enviarnos sus propuestas y preguntas en español. Nous répondons également volontiers à vos propositions et questions en français.