[UPDATE] Edited Collection on Digital Technology in the Literature Classroom

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Tim Hetland
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This collection will be peer reviewed and published by Bedford/St. Martins in 2013.

With the growth of the digital humanities, alongside the general proliferation of information technologies in the public, there is a growing need and opportunity to find new ways of involving digital technologies and new media into the various ventures of the literature classroom, including but not limited to textual analysis, discussion, and projects. The overall aim of this collection, therefore, is to provide literature teachers with a repository of contextualized and theorized literature assignments and activities that involve the use of digital technologies.

Though a large part of the collection is already complete, the editor is specifically requesting assignments and activities that involve:

• Facebook
• Twitter
• Pinterest
• Tumblr
• photo sharing applications
• Internet memes
• Geocaching
• Google Maps
• Voice Thread
• Video creation (similar to TedEd or Khan Academy)
• Wikis
• Archives
• Social Annotation
• Zotero

Each chapter will be a structured discussion of the following areas:
1. Background and Theory: the pedagogy and the technology
2. Technological and Resource Requirements
3. Assignment and Course Background: goals
4. Time Requirements
5. Grading Considerations
6. Potential Difficulties
7. The Assignment (can be a pdf or text copy of the assignment.)

Please send a short description of the assignment or activity (no more than 250 words) in an email to Timhetland@gmail.com by September 14th, 2012. Questions can be directed to the same address.