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Partial Answers: Journal of Literature and the History of Ideas
Call for Papers: =93Eyewitness Narratives=94
Eyewitness narratives make up a genre of discourse that is prominently =
characterized by multifunctionality. The aesthetic function of =
eyewitness narratives may enter into different relationships with their =
pragmatic functions, whether annalist, testimonial, =
consciousness-raising, or other; different functions may become marked =
at different points of the communal or individual reception.=20


Partial Answers, a semiannual journal of literature and the history of =
ideas now published by the Johns Hopkins University Press in cooperation =
with the School of Literatures of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, =
invites papers that present different interdisciplinary approaches to =
the interrelationship of the artistic merit and the uses (and possible =
abuses) of eyewitness narratives. The papers can pertain to narratives =
from and about different times and places and deal with the following =


=B7 What kinds of relationship can be observed between the =
aesthetic and the pragmatic functions of eyewitness narratives: =
competition, mutual support, other?

=B7 To what extent can intra-textual semantic continua be =
independent of or subordinate to the subject of testimony and =
extra-textual background reference?

=B7 How do specific stencils (genre conventions, officially =
recommended document structures, traditional patterns of thinking) =
formalize, modify, or subvert factual accuracy?

=B7 What are the status and the uses of hearsay information in =
memoir literature and how do they affect interpretation?

=B7 What are the status and the uses of eye-witness narratives =
that are not confirmed by other sources?

=B7 How do eyewitness narratives affect the understanding of =
archival records?



Articles for possible inclusion in Partial Answers 6/2 must reach the =
editorial office by December 31, 2007. =20

The editorial board extends a continuing welcome to papers on other =
subjects in the interdisciplinary field of literature and the history of =
ideas, in particular to articles associated with three of the recent =
rubrics, =93The Cultural Other,=94 =93Narrative as a Way of Thinking,=94 =
and =93Divided Loyalties=94 (see

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