Call for Contributors: Encyclopedia of Asian American Culture

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Lan Dong
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Call for Contributors: Encyclopedia of Asian American Culture

This two-volume encyclopedia, to be published by ABC-CLIO, covers the broad roots of Asian American culture including living traditions, rites of passage, folk culture, popular culture, subcultures, and other forms of shared expression. The entry essays explore the commonalities and variation of cultural expressions and provide readers with rich detail about the historical, regional, and ethnic/racial diversity within specific traditions. Entry essays cover the historical, regional, as well as ethnic and racial diversity within specific traditions in detail. Intended as an introduction to the vast diversity in Asian American culture to high school, academic, and general libraries, this encyclopedia is valuable for readers in understanding the variety and commonalities in Asian American culture. Entries will provide in-depth coverage of cultural forms in the Asian American population. Current state social studies standards recommend that courses present culturally diverse historical viewpoints that include the Asian American experience in America. This project will provide comprehensive coverage of a variety of Asian American cultural forms: popular culture, folk culture, rites of passages, and other forms of shared expression.

Entry essays vary in length 1,000-2,000 words depending on the amount of material and including bibliographies. Entry essays will cover: history and origins; regional practices, traditions, and artifacts; expressive forms in contemporary culture; and further reading. In addition, entry essays also include sidebars (100-300 words) that highlight interesting facts, including but not limited to: biographies of key participants, scholars, or other important individuals; artifacts (lyrics, sayings, advertisements, invitations, material culture, etc.); and events (descriptions of particular aspects of the tradition, costumes, rituals, participant roles, etc.).

The editor can provide formal invitation letters to individual contributors upon request.

If you are interested in contributing, please send the following information: full name, title, institutional affiliation, mailing address, email, and 2-page CV to:

Lan Dong
Associate Professor
English Department, UHB 3050
University of Illinois Springfield
One University Plaza
Springfield, IL 62703