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Julie Taylor

Proposals are invited for an essay collection on Modernism and Affect, commissioned by Edinburgh University Press. The collection will comprise 10-12 original 7,000 word essays, and aims to present new scholarship in the fields of modernist literature, film, and visual arts emerging in the light of theory's 'affective turn'. The volume will consider the manifold ways in which theories of affect and theories of modernism might speak to one another. How might the reading practices suggested by recent work on the affects inform our critical engagement with modernist texts? How might a focus on affect might allow us to expand our definition of modernism? And can modernist textuality help us to think through some of the diverse theories of affect and emotion explored by writers such as Silvan Tomkins, Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, Brian Massumi, Rei Terada, Sara Ahmed, and Lawrence Grossberg. Essays might explore the role of affect in particular modernist works and/or engage with broader issues such as:

- The pleasures and discontents of modernism and modernist difficulty
- Guilt, shame, and modernist discourse
- Modernism's affective critical modes (including indifference/ disinterest/ dispassion)
- Modernist intimacies
- Modern trauma/ traumatic modernisms
- Modernism and anti/-sentimentalism, and the relationships between nineteenth and twentieth century affective modes
- Affect and modernist epistemology
- Affect and modernist temporalities

* Please send an abstract (250-300 words) and a brief biography to julie.taylor@lmh.ox.ac.uk AND julie.taylor@northumbria.ac.uk by 8 October 2012 *