"The Seasons" - Special issue of Environment, Space, and Place journal & edited book

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International Association for Study of Environment, Space, and Place (IASESP)

The spring, 2013 issue of Environment, Space, Place will be devoted to a special focus on the seasons. The journal is a transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary forum committed to values contributing to our rootedness to the earth and attunement to the environment, space, and place.


The seasons have been a perennial theme in literature and art for centuries. And yet they have been relatively unexamined or underappreciated within philosophical thought, environmental work, and aesthetics. What exactly is a season, and how should it be understood? Are the seasons now the same as they were in former eras given recent rates of ecological and climactic change? How do they play a role in our cultural imaginations, everyday life, and creative pursuits? In what ways do the seasons relate to or influence our senses of time, geographical place, the body, food, and animality? What might they reveal about the elemental world or qualities and forces such as the cold, the hot, the wet, and the dry? Can the cycle of seasons offer a sensuous and specific alternative to the more abstract notion of "nature" or open up new ways of envisioning sustainability and responding to ecological challenges? How do winter, spring, summer, and fall affect our use of language, views of the land, and social or political practices? We welcome proposals and contributions within the fields of continental philosophy, geography, phenomenology, environmental theory, aesthetics, and the history of ideas, as well as other interdisciplinary areas. Particular attention should be given to the spatial or place-based dimensions of the seasons.

Send abstracts, essays or inquiries to both David Macauley, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Environmental Studies, Penn State University at and Luke Fischer, Ph.D., Sydney, Australia at

• Possible additional use of essays in a forthcoming edited book, The Seasons: Philosophical and Environmental Perspectives (under contract with State University of New York Press).

• Formatting guidelines sent upon request.

• Deadline for submissions: Feb. 15, 2013.