Green Romanticism: The Dawn of the Age

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Dewey W. Hall / Northeast MLA (NEMLA) 2013 Conference
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September 30, 2012 Deadline. Green Romanticism: The Dawn of the Age. Panel Session: NEMLA 2013 Conference, Boston, MA. March 21-24, 2013.

Green Romanticism features an interdisciplinary approach to interpreting textual material by examining intersections between literature and the environment. In the context of ecocriticism, the nature-culture binary will be interrogated to determine points of contact, effects of culture on nature, and responses to such effects as recorded by early nineteenth century British writers. Several questions will be considered: 1) How does language mitigate the relationship between nature and culture? 2) To what extent has nature been constructed by culture as an attempt to control, contain, or manage nature? 3) How have British Romantic writers been complicit in this construction of nature as a sort of cultural artifact or how have such writers raised concerns about constructing nature according to culture? Green Romanticism is not an attempt to respond to the New Historicist practices from the 1980s and 1990s (e.g. McGann, Liu, Levinson, et. al.) even though consideration about past responses may be warranted (e.g. Bate, Kroeber, McKusick, et. al.). Green Romanticism is not an attempt to define or delimit ecocritical praxis either as this is still a burgeoning field of study. Rather, Green Romanticism is, thus, interested in ecocritical readings of canonical writing by a host of Romantic writers and reinterpretations of such writing with an informed understanding of aspects of the ecosphere: climatology, botany, zoology, mineralogy, geology, geography, hydrology, and glaciology among others. The value and merit of such an interpretive approach will be determined by the degree to which such readings recast canonical literary texts and infuse them with new meaning that has been well-grounded in principles derived from the ecosphere.

The complete proposal needs to include: your full name, title of the paper, abstract (300-400 words), institution, and an academic autobiographical sketch (100 words). Please send proposals by email for consideration to Dr. Dewey W. Hall, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, at by September 30, 2012.