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Co-editor Paul Lynch, University of Strathclyde, Scotland

Hospitality & Society is an international multidisciplinary social sciences journal focusing on academic perspectives on hospitality and addresses all aspects of hospitality's connections with wider social and cultural processes and structures.

Aims and Scope

• To consider issues associated with hospitality leading to its advancement and understanding, including developing new approaches to the study of hospitality.
• To serve as a multidisciplinary forum encouraging interdisciplinarity with contributors coming from a wide variety of disciplinary bases
To be international in scope and inclusive in its coverage addressing hospitality from the macro to the micro level

Article submissons

Articles should be 6-9000 words long but can be longer in exceptional cases.
The journal will publish empirical and conceptual research articles, state-of-the-art reviews discussion papers, shorter research notes, viewpoints and other reports should be up to 1,000 words long and include both a description and a critical analysis. The Journal welcomes reviewers at all stages of their careers to write single book reviews (c. 800 words in length) and multiple book reviews of up to three books (c. 2,500 words in length).
Article submissions in English are required, although this policy may be reviewed once the journal is fully established.
Submission Guidelines
Please read our Notes for Contributors which can be found at:
All submissions should adhere to Intellect's Style Guide which can be found at
Please contact the editors for further queries and for submission.
Email: hospitalityandsociety@googlemail.com

Paul Lynch
University of Strathclyde

Alison McIntosh
University of Waikato

Jennie Germann Molz
College of the Holy Cross

Editor Emeritus
Conrad Lashley
Oxford Brookes University

Controversies and Reviews Editor
Peter Lugosi
Oxford Brookes University