[UPDATE] Deadline reminder: Women's and Gender Studies Caucus of NeMLA, March 21-24, 2013; due: Sept 30, 2012

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Northeast Modern Language Association - NeMLA
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Chairs of the following pre-approved panels and roundtables of the NeMLA Women's and Gender Studies Caucus seek proposals. For panel / roundtable descriptions, and submission information, please see: http://nemla.org/convention/2013/cfp_womensstudies.html Unless otherwise stated, proposals are due by September 30th
The Artemis Archetype in Fiction, Film, and Television
Between the Written and Oral: Medieval and Early Modern Women and Their
Texts (Roundtable)
Communal Modernisms: Teaching Women's Literature in the 21st-Century
Classroom (Roundtable)
Contemporary Women Poets of the World
Critical Representations of Marriage
Engendering the Victorian Female Poet (Roundtable)
The Female Painter in Women's Fiction, 1880-1930
Food, Nation and Identity in Spanish Literature and Film (Co-sponsored
panel: Feministas Unidas/WGS- under Spanish)
Gender and Genre: Exploring Intersections in Women's Life-Writing
Gender, Sexuality, and the Limits of Power in the Contemporary Movie/TV
Musical (Roundtable)
Have We Heard Their Voices? Hallie Flanagan and the Legacy of Federal
Theater (Roundtable)
Her Word as Witness: 19th Century Narratives of Self-Preservation and
Identity (Roundtable)
Heroines and Whores: Women in Antiquity
Images of Working Class Women
Madness and Cultural Mourning in Women's Novels of the Black Diaspora
Methods of Successful Mentoring (Roundtable)
Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Women's Reflections in Contemporary World
Mothering in Literature and Film
Performing Black Feminism and Politics
Poetry and the Body
Re-visiting the 'Nation' in Contemporary Narratives by American Women of
Romantic and Victorian Renderings and Genderings of Italy
Uncovering the Irish Woman in Early 20th Century Fiction
Under Her Skin: Victorian Literature, the Female Body, and Touch
Women Writing the Second World War
Writing Gender: When Science Meets Fiction
More Women's Studies and Gender panels listed under national streams and
other categories.

The full convention CFP is available at: http://nemla.org/convention/2013/cfp.html; further information on the convention and NeMLA can be found at www.nemla.org