CFP: Food… In… Space! The Limitless Foodie Frontier!

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Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature Section of SW/TX PCA/ACA
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What are the limits, flavors, and potential heights of imagination one can explore in film, literature, or television portrayals of food in space? Alien palates, recycling pitfalls (Soylent Green is people!) replicator malfunctions…. how is a captain supposed to get his Earl Grey hot with all this technology?

From Frezgel, to protein based soy food, Kep-Mok Blood Ticks to a good old Martian Big Mac to "the finest organic suspension ever devised"… what do life forms exploring space travel do about food? What happens when cultures clash? When they blend? When they consider each other food? Let's explore the possibilities. And maybe eat some good food.

Participants are encouraged to bring appetizers or dessert interpretations of your space food to the panel presentation. Just bring enough for everybody or we'll bring out the Klingons.

Proposals using multimedia platforms (video, computer, Powerpoint, YouTube, websites, etc) will be particularly well-received.

Proposal submission deadline: November 1, 2012. Please note that this deadline is for panel proposal and is earlier than the deadline for the conference. Your paper must be accepted to the panel before we propose the panel itself.

Submit 250-word paper proposals to Kim Wells,

You will hear back about your placement on the panel by November 15th at the latest, in time for you to register for the conference.

The registration deadline for the conference is December 31, 2012. All participants must register by that date or they will not be permitted to present or appear in the program.

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