Geocriticism and the Legacies of Edward Said (ACLA 2013)

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Robert T. Tally Jr.
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Seminar: Geocriticism and the Legacies of Edward Said
ACLA Conference, April 4-7, 2013, in Toronto.
Organizer: Robert T. Tally, Jr. (Texas State University)

In the past few decades, space, place, and mapping have become key elements of literary and cultural studies. The spatial turn in recent critical theory suggests the enhanced significance of spatiality in comparative and world literature. Geocriticism, literary cartography, and the spatial humanities more generally have introduced new approaches to and interpretations of literature, while also drawing from the spatially oriented interventions of scholars not necessarily associated with these emergent fields. Among these, Edward Said, in his commitment to both the geographical and historical registers of narrative and of lived experience, represents an important precursor and resource.

In honor of the tenth anniversary of Edward Said's death, this seminar welcomes presentations involving the "geographical inquiry into historical experience," as Said called it in Culture and Imperialism, but such inquiry may also partake of the formal or critical practices of such books as Beginnings, The World, the Text, and the Critic, Musical Elaborations, Reflections on Exile, and On Late Style, as well as interrogations of the spatial aspects of orientalism and postcolonial discourse. Also, we invite presentations that examine topics related to Said's work in the context of geocriticism, literary cartography or geography, geoaesthetics, the spatial humanities, or other related fields or practices.

Please send brief abstracts via the ACLA website ( by November 1, 2012. Please direct queries to Robert T. Tally Jr. at