Pride and Humility: A Special Issue of Interdisciplinary Humanities

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Interdisciplinary Humanities/Humanities Education and Research Association

From the rage of Achilles to Priam's subservient pleadings for Hector's body, from the conceit of King Lear to the meekness of Cordelia, from the terribilità of Michelangelo's Moses to the earthy nobility of Van Gogh's Potato Eaters, from the detachment of Lao Tzu to the powerful assertions of Nietzsche, and from the pride punished in Dante's Purgatory to the pride celebrated by Michael Eric Dyson; writers, thinkers, and artists through the ages have addressed fundamental questions about the nature of pride and humility.
This issue of Interdisciplinary Humanities draws upon the widest variety of insights from the humanities to addresses the difficult and even paradoxical questions around pride and humility. Topics related to this theme include, but are not limited to: hubris, victory disease, group think, narcissism, esteem, genuine pride, narcissistic pride, identity pride, vulnerability, anatta, egolessness, openness, epoché, bracketing, indeterminacy, and cognitive conflict.
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