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Journal of Literary Theory

Call for Articles: Journal of Literary Theory, Vol. 7, No. 2 (2013)

JLT – Journal of Literary Theory
Edited by Fotis Jannidis, Gerhard Lauer and Simone Winko
Published by de Gruyter

The Journal of Literary Theory invites contributions for Vol. 7, No. 2 (2013)


Submission Deadline: MARCH 15, 2013

Authenticity is a fundamental property of fictional and non-fictional texts as well as other media. It lies at the center of interest in a variety of conceptual, interpretative, and evaluative practices. It affects a text's credibility, relevance, and success, and is a concept that has to be clarified in order to understand related notions like "plagiarism", "intertextuality" or "quotation". Thus, it has a large impact on numerous aesthetical, moral and legal views we have regarding the creation and reception of texts and other media.
Considerations about authenticity necessarily pervade concepts in literary studies (e.g. "authorship"), literary enterprises (e.g. edition philology), and genres (e.g. documentary).
Recent years have seen a newly risen interest in the notion of authenticity in literary and cultural studies. JLT aims at presenting investigations into the role this notion plays in literature and other media from a distinctively theoretical point of view.
Submissions should focus on the methodological, theoretical, and conceptual aspects of this notion. Case studies, i.e. studies on specific authors, works, or problems of literary history, are accepted only if they adopt a predominantly systematic perspective.

Possible topics and questions could include, but are not limited to:

• How is authenticity established in recent media?
• What are the aesthetic components of authenticity?
• What are (new) strategies of authentification?
• How do considerations about authenticity affect the production and reception of literature and other media?
• What are the social, moral and legal aspects of authenticity?
• What are epistemological challenges in the ascription of authenticity?
• Plagiarism
• Intertextuality
• Autobiography
• Authenticity and authorship
• "Genieästhetik"
• Authenticity in migration literature
• Commercial success and authenticity

We encourage submissions from all language and literature departments as well as other fields within the humanities and social sciences.

Contributions should not exceed 50,000 characters in length and have to be submitted until MARCH 15, 2013. Please submit your contribution electronically via our website under 'Articles'.

Articles are chosen for publication by an international advisory board in a double-blind review process.

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