General Call for Submissions

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Itineration: Cross-Disciplinary Studies in Rhetoric, Media, and Culture

Itineration: Cross-Disciplinary Studies in Rhetoric, Media, and Culture is an international, refereed publication devoted to mapping the intersections of rhetoric, media, and culture. The journal is founded on the notion that the study of persuasion—what it is, that it is, how it operates and is operated upon—is a broad and complex area of scholarship open to multiple lines of investigation through a variety of disciplines, genre, and media. Itineration is a wandering process of discovery and invention. It discovers as it constructs what it discovers through practice. In the context of the journal, itineration calls for wandering through disciplines, genre, and media in pursuit of the rhetorical.

Itineration seeks works generally considered "nontraditional" in that their nontraditionality is established by the eschewing of conceptual boundaries that separate the humanities, and specifically rhetoric, from the rest of the academic world. We encourage submissions that take risks, to such an extent that "risk" is recognized as the shifting myriad possibilities that appear, disappear, and mutate as one follows any spiritual, intellectual, or investigative path. Rather than offering a clear-cut definition of what rhetoric is, Itineration seeks submissions that investigate, expose, interrogate, contemplate, and/or complicate the rhetorical impetus evident in all cultural productions, including examination of the very concept of "culture."

Published in partnership with punctum books, Itineration is only available online and operates through rolling publication—after the review process submissions are published online immediately. Visit for full submission details.