[UPDATE] Charles Olson and Influence, 12/15/2012; ALA 5/23-26/2013

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Gary Grieve-Carlson / The Charles Olson Society
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Charles Olson's influence on avant-garde poetry began in the 1950s with the publication of "Projective Verse," the first volumes of "The Maximus Poems," and Don Allne's "The New American Poetry." One thinks of Creeley, Dorn, Duncan, Baraka, Ginsberg, Eshleman, Howe, Waldman, and others who have acknowledged that influence, but it also shows up where one doesn't expect it (in a poet like Amy Clampitt, for example). This panel asks whether Olson's influence is now merely historical, or whether it persists. If it has ended, why has it ended? If it persists, how does it persist? In other words, does Olson matter for contemporary poetry? Please send one-page abstracts by 12/15/2012 to Gary Grieve-Carlson at grieveca@lvc.edu. American Literature Association, May 23-26, 2013, Boston.