[UPDATE] Critical Innovations: Reading & Writing Experimental Texts--Edited Collection

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Kristina Quynn (CSU) & Robin Silbergleid (MSU)

We seek essays for an edited collection on the topic of innovative criticism. Building on the work of the autobiographical or creative modes popularized in the late 1980s and early 1990s, this collection assembles essays that explore the alternative methods, approaches, and practices that experimental, innovative, alternative, minor, and/or avant-garde texts call for or require. This collection acknowledges that the act of literary or cultural criticism is not neutral or distanced but is a personal and politicized practice that performs critical authority and expertise according to understood and agreed upon critical conventions.

We are particularly interested in essays that engage self-reflexive, performative, multi-genre, genre-bending, and even gender-bending texts. In other words, texts that distort lines between criticism, creative writing, theory, fiction, (auto)biography and that necessitate an aligned critical response. The essays accepted for this collection will both explore and model what an alternative criticism might look like.

This collection is interested in essays that speak to the following questions among others:

• In what ways might literary critics adopt modes understood to be performative, creative, self-reflexive, or engaged?

• In what ways do innovative texts themselves offer rich metaphors and models for intellectual work?

• What are the uses and limitations of performative criticism?

• How do alternative critical models gain authority?

• What current trends in literary/cultural/linguistic theory are "unconventional" and for what purpose(s)?

• To what degree might performative or experimental writings engage on-going critical conversations in such areas as gender studies, critical race studies, etc.?

Submit abstract (500 words), CV, and a brief personal statement that clarifies your interest in this particular field by November 1, 2012 to both Kristina Quynn (quynn@colostate.edu) and Robin Silbergleid (silberg1@msu.edu).