The Untutored Tongue: Reimagining Writing and Speaking

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Assembly for the Expanded Perspectives on Learning

Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning 2013 Conference
The Untutored Tongue: Reimagining Writing and Speaking

This year's conference is inspired by keynote speaker Peter Elbow's recent book, Vernacular Eloquence, in which he revisits the relationship between writing and speaking and considers the power of embodied speech—what he has referred to as "the untutored tongue"--to transform our relationship to writing. The conference will offer participants chances to interact informally with Elbow and each other, and will include Elbow's plenary talk: "Vernacular Eloquence: Exploring the Linguistic and Rhetorical Power in Everyone's Ordinary Spoken Language." We suggest that participants read Elbow's book before the conference, and we invite proposals for 75-minute workshops or panels, or 30-minute presentations, that explore the connections and disconnections between speaking and writing in our theories and practices of writing, speaking, teaching and learning.

Possible topics include:

--Responses of all sorts to Elbow's Vernacular Eloquence
--Reflections on, and resistances to, the concept of an "untutored tongue"
--The historical connection/disconnection between writing and speaking
in rhetoric
--The treatment of vernacular literacies in theory and practice
--The role of speaking/voice/sound in traditional and new
media/multimodal composing
--Speaking and writing as embodied acts
--Speech in our classrooms and as an academic practice
--The uses/abuses of "voice" in composing and teaching

The conference will begin with an opening plenary at 7PM on June 27 and end with breakfast on June 30, 2013, at the YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park CO
Send proposals by January1 to Irene Papoulis and Wendy Ryden at: