Environmental Science Fiction and Changed Nature (ASLE 2013, 5/28/13-6/1/13)

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Association for the Study of Literature and Environment
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Keeping with the 2013 ASLE conference theme, this panel will explore science fiction's speculations about the future of "Migrations, Energies, [and] Limits." Proposals are invited for papers that look specifically at the genre's critical extrapolation s of recent trends in migration, energy, and the crossing of planetary CO2, biodiversity, and other boundaries. What does the ecological and social future look like in science fiction literature and film when writers think about the implications of current demographic changes or the effects of industrial toxins and GMOs as they move across political and biological borders? What social and cultural commentary is imbedded in such thinking, and is science fiction an effective place for such commentary? Has the representation of ecological futures in science fiction shifted over the decades, taking on more or less urgency about energy and global thresholds? What do works in the genre suggest to be areas of needed ethical, emotional, and financial investment now for the emergence of an ecologically sustainable and socially just future?

This panel is sponsored by the Science Fiction Research Association (SFRA), a professional affiliate organization of ASLE. Please submit a 200-word proposal in the body of an email to Eric Otto at eotto@fgcu.edu by Friday, November 2nd, 2012. See http://asle.ku.edu/ for more information about the conference.