2013 Conference on Global Modernities (May 3-4), Abstracts due 1/31/13

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California State University, Los Angeles
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The organizers of this conference propose to continue the dialogue and productive exchange that took place at Cal State L.A. on February 12-13, 2011, on the occasion of an international conference on Modernity, Critique, and Humanism. We now turn our attention to areas of concern related to global demography, biodiversity, and to political and social movements in different parts of the world. The proposed scope of reflections range from the challenges to rethink and imagine a world that has become increasingly interdependent, to posing new questions, conditions, and possibilities for a better understanding of the ways in which modernity—global and manifold in scope--is shaping our modes of communication, the emergence of local identities, and a financial crisis in an unprecedented global scale.

The 2013 Conference on Global Modernities offers a scholarly forum for critical discussions that wish to move beyond the limits of current and established debates, encouraging an interdisciplinary dialogue with an emphasis on the experiences, critical examinations, and artistic expressions that have been recorded in print or other formats by scholars representing different fields and countries in the world, including artists and writers with innovative representations of global modernities. Invited areas of critical examination include (a) practices of interaction in civic, communitarian, national, and global communication; (b) pedagogical forms of instruction that are emergent and innovative in the research and study of globalization; (c) challenges to our consumption habits by new research on endangered ecosystems and on the planet's failing biodiversity; (d) theoretical innovations in the fields of literature and the arts, criticism, social theory, demographics, and philosophical and critical thought. More specifically, the organizers of the 2013 Conference on Global Modernities invite papers on the following topics:

I. Modernity, information systems, and social movements.

1. The problematics of modernity, cultural traditions, and historical change in Western and Islamic civilizations.

2. Globalization and transnational economic blocks.

3. Diaspora, exile, refugees, and globalization

4. Modernity and religion in the modern world.

II. Modernity, technology, and endangered cultures, languages, and ecosystems.

1. Human life forms in the world's megacities.

2. Ecocriticism in an age of globalization.

3. Modernity and endangered ecosystems.

4. Ancient languages and cultures in peril in an era of transnational migrations.

III. Experiences in and within global modernities.

1. 21st century Modernities and India.

2. Islamic and Western discourses in response to modern Arab political movements.

3. Globalization and the challenges to critical theory in Western and Islamic civilizations.

4. Postcolonialism and social theory.

5. Knowledge and Critique in the Electronic Age.

IV. The modern world: questions and challenges

1. Migration and the undocumented worker after NAFTA and the European block.

2. Women's challenges and relations with globalization and modernity in Western and Islamic civilizations.

3. The question of secularism in Islamic and Western debates.

4. The meaning and function of critique in the age of global modernities.

5. Africa and Globalization.

6. China and the West: Encounters in Modernity.

The deadline for a one-page abstract of conference papers is January 31, 2013. The submitted abstracts will be peer-reviewed and their acceptance or rejection will be communicated by e-mail on or before February 14, 2013. All abstracts submitted as electronic attachments should be sent directly to rcantu@calstatela.edu