Revising the Normative: Using Postcolonialism to Readdress Culture, Literature and Performance

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Lovely Professional University

Revising the Normative: Using Postcolonialism to Readdress Culture, Literature and Performance
30 November 2012
Department of English
Lovely Professional University
Phagwara-144402, Punjab

The abstract deadline is 05 November 2012.

Even so many years after the advent of the postcolonial theory, when as a nation we are not entirely a marginalized race, are we not carrying with us the legacy of colonization? In this globalized world, our views, perception, expressions and popular culture are to a larger extent West-driven. To use the Macaulian phrase, as Indians many of us automatically believe that, "all that is foreign and English is good and greater" than our own. Popular movies like Rang de Basanti consciously or unconsciously portray the remnants of colonized minds, where a foreigner drops in to remind the newer generation about their proposed course of actions.
The example of Rang de Basanti is only symptomatic of a greater problem in today's postcolonial world. Edward Said rebelled against the normative West in his seminal works questioning the power/knowledge to "constitute the Oriental other as a particular subject of discourse." At this critical juncture vis-à-vis the postcolonial theory, we must interrogate whether we have lived the theory that we profess so vigorously in our daily discourses. Aren't we through our popular culture and actions, reinforce the stereotypes thereby, making Macaulay's prediction, of colonizing the mind of the natives, coming true even so many years after independence? Does the new historiography effectively help us to readdress and revise our relationship with the colonized past along with its political, social and economic ramifications? Instead of creating an alternative normative world for ourselves, are we appropriating erstwhile colonial strategies to hegemonize and monopolise the tools of protracted control?
The above questions are only the tip of an iceberg that the present seminar aims to address. Papers and proposals reflecting some of the above issues and in the following broad areas are invited. The areas are only suggestive, not restrictive:
 Universality or difference-Euro centrism
 Representation of the East
 Nationalism, Trans-nationalism and Globalization
 Language and the Politics of Language
 Concept of Globalization
 Postcolonial Feminism
 Aboriginality, Subalternity and Representation
 Postcolonial Space(s) and Cosmopolitanism
 Hybridity, Liminality, and Creolization of Culture
 Neo-Imperialism
 Pitfalls of Postcolonialism
Proposals or abstracts of approximately 300 words should be sent to Please include your detail contact information, a brief bio (50 words) and your institutional affiliation at the end of your abstract.
The abstract deadline is 05 November 2012.
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