The Word Hoard, Second Issue, CFP: The Unrecyclable. Deadline November 12.

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Word Hoard Editors / Western University

Word Hoard, Call for Papers: The Unrecyclable

3 August 2012

What cannot be taken up or kept alive? What is too used to reuse, too basic to break down further? What are the ideas at dead ends? Adaptations, translations, dead languages, genres fallen out of favour, tropes no longer sensical, ruins, methodologies in unremitting decline? Who are the guardians of garbage that monitor and control our cycles and recycles? What happens to an artifact too special to recycle, not special enough to reuse? Give us the histories, the institutions, the authorities who intervene to unmake the unrecyclable. Where do our capacities for metamorphosis fail us? What materials have run out of time? What materials have all the time in the world to stay unchanged? Plastic in the shape of an albatross? Manuscripts sealed into the walls? What about the plagiarist, reusing unrecycled thought in an ecstatic logic of repetition?

We are frustrated with the unrecyclable. Questions have become answers; thought without change becomes simply duration. Recycling itself may be a thoughtless contemporary mantra, a theology of limited means that blindly hopes to enact world change through slogan repetition. The challenge to this mercurial superficiality, if there is one, could perhaps be mounted only from here: the unlife of the unrecyclable.

Word Hoard is currently soliciting articles, essays, and interviews for our second issue (please find the first at: We invite submissions in English or in French between 3000-5000 words related to the provocation and concept of "The Unrecyclable." Article and interview submissions are due 15 November, 2012. Accepted submissions can expect online and print publication in the summer of 2013. All submissions will be peer-reviewed, all accepted submissions will be responded to within our dialogic, multi-generic format, all disciplines relating to arts, culture and the humanities are invited to submit.

Submissions should be formatted according to MLA guidelines, and should also include a brief biographical sketch of the author; an abstract would be appreciated but is not required. Articles, interviews, and other forms of content submission should not contain the author's name or obvious identification marks to ensure an objective peer reviewing process. To submit, or for more information, please direct your emails to

We appreciate your attention, and we look forward to reading your work.

With Thanks,
The Editors at Word Hoard