The Shape of Things: the Relationship between Creativity and Convention; January 18, 2013.

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English Graduate Students Association
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The English Graduate School Association at UNCC is pleased to announced its 13th Annual EGSA Conference, which will be held at UNC-Charlotte on January 18, 2013. The EGSA Conference will explore the relationship between freedom and constraint by looking at creativity and conventions in scholarly and creative works.

We seek to discuss some of these questions:

1. What conventions exist in your field of study and why do they exist? How do these
conventions define your field and what types of resistance can be found?

2. How do conventions constrain creativity in your field? In what ways have conventions
changed as the field has developed?
3. Can conventions lead to creativity? In other words, is there freedom within the
parameters of convention?

In the exploration of the relationships between creativity and convention, we encourage papers
that consider these topics:
● Discourse and genre
● Place, identity and/or gender
● Technology and advancement
● Power and resistance

The conference will host both scholarly and creative submissions for presentations in the
areas of children's literature, composition and rhetoric, creative writing, linguistics, literature,
and technology and rhetoric.
Plenary Speakers

Dr. Elaine Chun, Assistant Professor of Dr. Jon Tuttle, the 2012 Trustus Theater
Linguistics at the University of South Carolina. playwright winner & Professor of English at
Francis Marion University,