Special Topics Panel: Gender Studies; LSU Mardi Gras Conference; February 7-8, 2013; Submission Deadline: December 1, 2012

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LSU English Graduate Student Association
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CFP: Special Topics Panel, Gender Studies
2013 Mardi Gras Graduate Student Conference
Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA
February 7-8, 2013

The 2013 Mardi Gras Conference theme is "In Momentum: Literature, Travel, and Alterity." (See http://call-for-papers.sas.upenn.edu/node/47987 for the conference-wide CFP.) This timely theme asks for a discussion of notions of place and space, for considerations of how travel and movement, boundedness and freedom, can be considered in terms of literature, art, science, thought. Under that larger umbrella of movement and travel, this panel asks for proposals that deal specifically with issues of travel, space, and movement as they relate to women's and gender studies. Feminist and queer theory has a long history of creating a space for itself in terms of borderlands, of the in-between. Judith Butler has suggested that where boundaries are most heavily demarcated is where the chance to re-envision those boundaries and borders, those meanings, is most possible. Gloria Anzaldua, in Borderlands/La Frontera, articulates the importance of the space between, the power and possibility for self-definition that can be had in existing in a space that is neither here nor there. This panel seeks any papers considering gender studies and movement or travel, with particular emphasis on borders, transitional spaces, and "the in-between." Possible topics:
• Diaspora studies and gender
• Postcolonial feminism and notions of movement and space
• As movement becomes more and more possible, how does feminism and queer theory change?
• If, following scholars like Butler and Anzaldua, we agree that great possibilities and power can exist in margins and in-between spaces, might we also find that there are limitations to such an existence? Does the space of re-invention and re-signification come at a price? If so, what?

Papers from a variety of disciplines are encouraged. By December 1, 2012, please submit an abstract of 250 words and a working title as an attachment along with contact information, including name, institutional affiliation, degree level, email address, and phone number to Stephanie Alexander at salex18@lsu.edu.