[UPDATE] STILL LOST IN THE COSMOS: Walker Percy and the 21st Century / October 11 and 12, 2013

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The Walker Percy Center for Writing and Publishing at Loyola University New Orleans
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Name of Conference:
STILL LOST IN THE COSMOS: Walker Percy and the 21st Century

Loyola University, New Orleans, LA (on campus)

October 11, 12, 2013.

We welcome both session proposals and individual paper abstracts addressing any topics relevant to Walker Percy's non-fiction book Lost in the Cosmos: The Last Self-Help Book.

Please send two-page session proposals and/or one-page individual paper abstracts by March 1, 2013, to wpc@loyno.edu

Description of Conference:
Inspired by Walker Percy's Lost in the Cosmos, the second biennial Walker Percy Conference seeks to explore the themes and issues generated by Percy's lively analysis of the modern condition. Possible topics include but are not limited to the following:

* The Meaning of Cosmos: Walker Percy and Science Fiction
* Cultural Protestantism and Religious Catholicism: Percy's heritage and conversion
* Percy and psychology: Percy and Jung, Percy and Freud, or Percy and Behaviorism, etc.
* The Self-Help Book: From Self to Soul
* Walker Percy and the Media
* Walker Percy and Semiotics
* Walker Percy's Fiction and Transcendence
* Walker Percy, Science, Science Fiction, Faith and Belief
* Walker Percy: Life, Death, and the Cosmos
* Lost in the Cosmos: Thirty Years Later
* Teaching Percy to Post-Millennial Students
* Percy vs. Sagan: Spiritual and Secular Visions of the Cosmos
* Thought Experiments: Percy and Postmodern Fiction
* Ideas of the Self from the Cave to the Cosmos
* The Lonely Self: Man (and Woman) Lost in the Cosmos

Keynote Speaker: To be announced

Please direct any questions to:
Dr. Mary McCay, Director: (504) 865-3389 email: wpc@loyno.edu
Rhoda Faust, Administrative Assistant: (504) 864-7041 email: wpc@loyno.edu

We hope you will join us!