ATHE 2013 Roundtable: "Playful Memories" [10/28/12; 8/1-4/12]

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Andrea Gunoe
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CALL for Roundtable Participants for 2013 ATHE Conference

Playful Memories

I am seeking participants for a round table discussion entitled Playful Memories on the topic of play in memory both in communities and for individuals and how this play surfaces in life, entertainment, and art. Possible questions or topics could be:

How does the body function in memory play (in both staging memory, creating memory, and recall)?
How does the act of play in memory change the event itself?
How does the act of play in remembering/memorializing affect cultural memory on a grand scale?
How does the act of remembering become playful in community? Is it possible to interact with memory playfully from an individual perspective?

If you are interested please contact Andrea at by Oct. 28th with the following information:
Short Bio with contact information
Title of brief paper/presentation with a 25-word description

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