Cornell Medieval Studies Student Colloqiuum February 23, 2012 (proposals by December 1)

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Cornell Medieval Studies Student Colloqiuum
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Medieval Studies Student Colloquium
Call for Papers

The graduate students of Cornell's Medieval Studies Program are pleased to announce their twenty-second annual Student Colloquium. It will take place Saturday February 23rd at the A.D. White House. We look forward to Professor Amy Remensnyder of Brown University's key-note lecture on her current research regarding the uses of images of the virgin in the creation of identity in late medieval Spain.

We invite graduate students from Cornell and other universities to share papers on their current research in any area of medieval studies. Papers may address any topic with a focus on Late Antiquity, the Middle Ages, or the Early Modern period in Western Europe and beyond. We are seeking submissions in all disciplines, including (but not limited to) archaeology, art history, history, linguistics, literature, musicology, paleography, philosophy, and theology.

Our program was founded on the value of interdisciplinarity, and we encourage papers that take on more than one discipline. Above all, the aim of the colloquium is to provide an open environment to present and receive feedback on work in-progress, which may range from first-year seminar papers to portions of dissertation chapters.

Abstract submissions (300 words) for 20-minute presentations must be received by 1 December, 2012 in order to be considered. They may be submitted by e-mail attachment to Corinna Matlis at