Human Rights, Literature, Film (ACLA, Toronto, April 4-7), Proposal Deadline: Nov. 15

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Lena Khor, Lawrence University
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The GPS of Human Rights: Globalization, Technology, and Cultural Production (ACLA, Toronto, April 4-7)

Using GPS as a technology and its metaphor as a reference point, this seminar intends to examine, broadly speaking, representations of human rights on a global map of humans beings (individuals and groups/organizations) as well as texts (literature, film, and other cultural productions).

In keeping with the main conference theme, this seminar invites papers from all regions and on all language cultures that triangulate and locate human rights in representations that redefine the human by interpolating it onto global networks. As forms of technology, how do GPS and other globalizing technologies impact the promotion, protection, and defense of human rights? What are the ethical considerations involved? Metaphorically, is human rights a kind of GPS, in that it inscribes individuals and groups within a global network, grounding them in particular kinds of identities and power that they would not have otherwise? Is the very concept of human rights a kind of GPS, in that it plots particular kinds of routes to justice, truth, and human development? What are the possibilities and limits of such a globally-encompassing, recognized and influential network, which comes complete with international, regional, and national systems, institutions, and organizations of human rights law, justice, and advocacy?

This seminar also welcomes papers that explore the relationships among human rights, globalization, and technological advances or innovations outside of the GPS framework (social media, film distribution, etc.)

Please submit paper proposals to the ACLA conference website by Nov. 15 at midnight (Pacific Standard Time).