"Tipping Points" February 22-24, 2013

full name / name of organization: 
Northern Arizona University Graduate English Organization

The year 2013 brings with it a chance to put the teleological
bluster of 2012 behind us, to embrace a new era that asks us to
look ahead instead of back. This new year's connotations of
both bad luck and cosmic transition have provided us with the
opportunity to embrace the unexpected in our work, to discard
the old in favor of the new as we find new directions, or they
find us. Unexpected discoveries can be potentially devastating,
even world-rearranging, but they are always enlightening. This
year's conference supports the work of the many students who
will be pushing and transgressing boundaries in their work,
specifically boundaries from which there is no return once they
have been crossed. We hope to see interpretations and
investigations of places where things stop being themselves and
become other things in art, media, and the sciences, as well as
present-day explorations of innovative ideas and emerging
research in language studies, education, and culture.

Suggested Topics include:
 Endangered languages of the world
 New discoveries in Astronomy
 The tipping points of climate change
 Sea changes in economic theory
 Innovative ideas and emerging research in education
 Chemistry and the biosphere
 Technological-anthropological developments
 Creative writing: Genre-pushing visions

And, as always, we are glad to consider off-theme submissions!