CFP: New Approaches to Teaching Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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Charlotte Perkins Gilmany Society
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CFP: New Approaches to Teaching Charlotte Perkins Gilman

American Literature Association Conference
May 23-26th, 2013
Boston, Massachusetts

We are seeking panelists for a roundtable on innovative approaches to teaching the work of Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Many of us who would not consider ourselves Gilman specialists teach her work regularly, and this panel aims to introduce new voices to the discussion of her work. We are especially interested in panelists who teach works other than "The Yellow Wall-Paper" but will also consider particularly fresh strategies or contexts for the teaching of this classic story as well.

Possible Topics include:

*How can Gilman be productively included in courses on the literature of the American West, literature and medicine, or utopianism?

*In what ways does Gilman's work align well with teaching queer theory, critical race studies, material culture studies, or theories of labor?

*What are the pedagogical challenges involved in teaching Gilman's fiction, essays, periodicals, or poetry?

*How does Gilman's work serve to complicate discussions of genre and/or periodization?

We would be interested in panelists circulating assignments, syllabi, or other teaching materials.

Please email your 250-word abstract and CV to by January 4, 2013.