Queer Futures Working Group, July 22-26 2013

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International Federation for Theatre Research/Fédération Internationale pour la Recherche de Théâtre (IFTR/FIRT)

Call for papers
The Queer Futures working group welcomes papers and performance-presentations (approximately 15 minutes, followed by discussion) taking a queer approach to the conference theme, 'Re-Routing Performance', but we are not limited to this focus. In line with our mission statement (below) we encourage contributions across a broad range of topics relevant to queer performance and theories which might include: queer performance practices in applied theatre, cabaret/ burlesque, queer performance and health, homonormativity and queer performance, the impact of queer theory/performance on the representation of women and lesbians on stage, global/local queer performance and resonances, queer arts festivals, queer performance and ethics, trans performance, queer theory/performance and post-identity studies. Deadline for submission of abstracts: 31 January 2013

To submit your abstract go to: http://www.firt2013barcelona.org/call-for-papers/

You also need to email a copy of your abstract to the working group convenors: alyson.campbell@brunel.ac.uk and f.walsh@bbk.ac.uk

IFTR/FIRT Queer Futures Working Group Mission Statement:
QF directs its focus at queer performance in the broadest sense, and the range of theories that open up ways for us to analyse it. We would like to start a new dialogue about the place of queer performance in contemporary culture and address this through ideas such as intersectionality, affect theories, historiography, as well as recent gender and queer theories. We are interested in all sorts of performance: live art/performance art, cultural performance, theatre-based work.

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