Call for Proposals. Refractory Special Issue: Mise-en-Scene in the Era of Remediation 20th December

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Leonie Cooper, Monash University
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This special edition of Refractory invites contributors to critically rethink mise-en-scene within the field of expanded cinema as it extends to games of all platforms (video, online and social gaming), installation and mixed reality art and incorporates practices of remediation and transmedia.

In the history of the cinema, scholars have debated the significance of mise-en-scene as both a material practice of filmmaking and an *idea*. In 1992, Adrian Martin began an introduction to a special issue on "matters of style" in Continuum with a question: is mise-en-scene dead? How might we 'think' mise-en-scene today when 'setting the scene' is no longer isolated (either conceptually or materially) to the cinema?

Contributions might consider:
• Games in relation to filmic notions of mise-en-scene: what happens to historical and technical concerns with lighting and props in the gaming environment? Is it possible and productive to read a genre or oeuvre in terms of motifs and styles in the same way that mise-en-scene has operated in film analysis? If so what are the implications?
• What impact has transmedia storytelling had upon the operations and meanings of mise-en-scene?
• What are the implications of extending mise-en-scene to experiential media environments like theme parks?
• Truth or fiction? If mis-en-scene was key to theorisation of deep focus cinema and its relations to 'the real', how do contemporary practices play with the borders between truth and fiction and how might attention to mise-en-scene enable an understanding of the implications of doing so within contemporary contexts.
• What does mise-en-scene mean in an era of pervasive and ubiquitous computing – will the now emerging Internet of Things change our understanding of the 'staging of objects' for the camera?
• In the context of software media and cultures, do we now inhabit mise-en-scenes that are co-created with interactive agents?

300-500 word Proposal due December 20th, 2012
Notification of acceptance, January 20th
Full papers between 5,000 – 7,000 due March 31st, 2013
Publication Date: May 31st, 2013
Refractory is an online, fully refereed journal. Its on-line form encourages the use of links and thus the incorporation of other media objects, information and environments. Authors are encouraged, especially in this issue, to take advantage of this format.
Any questions or ideas should be addressed to the guest editor.
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