Call for Games: Strange Tales

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Clemson University - Jimmy Butts
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Here is the official handout:

This is a call for games.

Submit to: Jimmy Butts via

Submission deadline: February 11, 2013 by Midnight

The games will be collected and shared online at at Clemson's 1941 Studio the week of February 25th.

This project hosted by Clemson University's Serious Games group seeks to curate a selection of games that explore short tales that experiment with interesting or novel features. We are interested in creating games that engage the field rhetoric and composition, critically, entertainingly, and experientially.

We invite you to take part in this exciting endeavor to explore the formal restrictions and the potential for breaking those restrictions within a video game space, while presenting or representing a narrative. The games need not be complex, and might explore some simple concept in a beautiful way.

We will accept games that function in browsers using html5 using . We prefer games that aren't limited to one operating system because we desire to promote open game design that allows multiple users to play. We also are open to persistent Alternate Reality Games that function as digital scavenger hunts. We want to be open to all kinds of experimental formats, so if you have questions, just e-mail. Now, go innovate!

Some resources that may be helpful or referential are: build one quickly with a PC using Construct 2 build one quickly with a Mac using Game Salad