Border Crossing, 4 January 2013

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Khalid CHAOUCH / Research Laboratory on Culture and Communication
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The Research Laboratory on Culture and Communication
Middle Ground. Journal of Literary and Cultural Encounters.
Beni Mellal, Morocco

Call for Articles:
Border Crossing
Borders and Border crossing of whatever type, geographical, cultural, racial, ethnic, linguistic, literary, artistic, etc., are obviously issues of unprecedented import more now than ever before, given both the incessant mutability of the materiality of borderlines and crossings and our ever-shifting re-definitions of the concept of borders and border crossing. In today's metamodern attitudes towards concept formation in the social/human sciences and critical theory, master notions of Self, centre, hegemony, paradigm, order, purity, etc., are disrupted both from within and without, and are, thereby, rethought and redirected toward new understandings of identity, sameness, otherness, and difference.
Yet in the stark management of international relations and world politics, the process of coming or living together in a globalized space has undoubtedly never meant and would not necessarily lead to the collapse of boundaries and lines of division, the crossing of which becomes most often subject to transgression or negotiation that at times culminate in conflictual situations or in the creation of interstitial spaces or Third Space.

The Research Laboratory on Culture and Communication calls for articles for publication in the fifth issue of its Journal Middle Ground. Journal of Literary and Cultural Encounters.
Articles of this issue should cover the concept of Borders, address its current complexities and representations, and explore the diverse types and rites of crossings and passages. Articles may address, but are not necessarily limited to, any aspect of the topic of Borders and Border Crossing, such as:

- The concept and representation of borders and border crossing
- Significance of the various types of border crossing/transgression
- Thresholds, barriers, walls and borders
- Centre and periphery
- Experiences of liminality at crossing borders
- Typology of border crossing
- Rites of passage and initiation
- In-between space/Third Space/ interstitial space
- Cultural/linguistic/racial/ethnic borderlines.
- contact zone / middle ground
- Translation as border crossing
- Migration, expatriation, exile
- Crossbreeding, Miscegenation
- Crossing the borders between literary genres
- Crossing the borders between different currents of thought
- Interdisciplinarity (crossing the borders between fields of knowledge)
- Borders between the local, the regional, the national and the global
- Regionalism
- The concept of border in globalization

Articles, containing the author's name, email address, affiliation, a postal address, key words and a short bio, should be sent in WORD format to:
Khalid Chaouch at
The deadline for sending proposed articles is 04 January 2013.
Notifications of acceptance will be sent on 08 February 2013.