Intersections/Cross-Sections 2013: Politics of Play

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York and Ryerson University Joint Program in Communication and Culture

Call for Research Presentations, Workshops and Artworks.

Intersections/Cross-Sections 2013: Politics of Play, Symposium & Exhibition.

A Message from the Communication and Culture Graduate Students Association.

The York and Ryerson University Joint Graduate Program in Communication and Culture is excited to announce an open call to graduate students to submit research presentations, workshops and artworks for Intersections/Cross-Sections 2013: Politics of Play.

This one-day Symposium and Art Exhibition will focus around the critical examination of the concept of play, approached from a variety of perspectives. With an interdisciplinary lens focused on intersections between politics and play cultures, the 2013 edition of Intersections will feature a relaxed, playful and interactive atmosphere where graduate students can engage in dialogue about their research, present workshops and exhibit artworks

"Play is the primary formative element in human culture" - Johan Hunzinga.

Parallel to the rise of digital game culture, scholarly investigations of politics, economics, artistic practice, pedagogy, and media representation have drawn from the metaphor of play. In order to facilitate interdisciplinary investigation, the Communication and Culture Graduate Student Association would like to invite graduate students to submit research presentations, workshops, and artworks exploring the concept. Possible topics include, but are not limited to, politics, art & literature, technology, geography, pedagogy, activism, science & nature, digital media, entertainment, popular culture, game studies, performance, history, linguistics, political economy, fan & participatory cultures, architecture, sport &leisure, and more. In order to foster lively dialogue, we invite proposals from any discipline.

Questions we will explore include but are not limited to:

How do conceptions of play change, adapt and inform social, cultural and political practice?

How does IP regulate, sanction, and create new forms of play?

How does play articulate itself through nationalism?

Does play facilitate change through resistance cultures?

How does play facilitate different types of learning?

Our Symposium and Exhibition will take place on March 23rd, 2013 at Bento Miso, a collaborative workspace in Toronto's Queen West district.

Submission Guidelines: Submissions Due January 15, 2013

Artworks spanning print, new media, video, audio, games, and performance will be considered. We encourage interactive game-oriented artworks.

* Maximum Presentation Abstract Length -- 300 words.

* Maximum Length for Workshop Proposals – 500 Words.

* Artworks – 500 word description, plus links to video documentation and / or maximum of 5 images.

(all artwork submissions must include the artwork submission form found at

For more information and updates on the Symposium:

Please send submissions to:

We look forward to an exciting symposium and exhibition and ask that you please forward this email within your networks.

Thank you,

Theadora Mills
The Communication and Culture Graduate Students Association