[UPDATE] Call for Papers: Indigenous 'Deep' Space: Indigenous Absence and Presence in Sci-Fi and Comics

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Native/Indigenous Studies Area Southwest/Texas Popular & American Culture Association

Southwest/Texas Popular & American Culture Association's
34th Annual Conference in Albuquerque, NM

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***DEADLINE Extended to December 2, 2012***

Paper proposals are now being accepted for a panel dedicated to the absence and presence of Indigenous characters and cultures in popular sci-fi and comics. From Star Trek Voyager's Chakotay to the X-Men's Danielle Moonstar, sci-fi and comic genres have capitalized on the Indigenous landscape for characters and cultures. This panel asks presenters to examine and discuss the absence and presence of Indigenous characters and cultures in these popular genres.
Listed below are some suggestions for possible presentations but topics not included here are welcomed and encouraged:
● Indigenous writers of sci-fi and speculative fiction genres
● Indigenous cultures in space (issues of colonization that mirror Indigenous histories in sci-fi deep space settings)
● Blue Corn Comics
● Indigenous/Native American descended characters in sci-fi
● Indigenous/Native American descended characters in comic and graphic novels
● Specific sci-fi T.V. shows and webisodes incorporating Indigenous cultures and characters (episodes of Stargate, Angel, Buffy, Star Trek, etc.)
● Online comics
● History of Indigenous characters in sci-fi or comics
Inquiries regarding this area may be sent to Brian Hudson and Margaret Vaughan at nativestudiespca@gmail.com
Please forward this information to people who would be interested in participating.
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