Crime Strikes in Suburbia: The Gothic Suburban Imagination in Post-World War II American Crime Writers

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American Literature Association (Conference in May 2013)
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This panel seeks to explore the presence of the suburban landscape in American crime fiction. Novelists of horror novels, such as Shirley Jackson and Richard Matheson, have been studied for the Gothic imagination in their suburban tales. However, this panel seeks to explore the reasons for and ramification of placing suburbia as the backdrop in a different genre: namely, crime novels from the 1950s onward. Some possible angles include: to what extent does suburbia become redefined in genre fiction? What place and purpose does suburbia hold for crime fiction writers of a chosen period? How do transgressions get configured in such a setting? I welcome submissions that explore these and other angles. Please send abstracts of about 350 words to Ilse Schrynemakers at by Dec. 30th.