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Southwest/Texas Popular/American Culture Association
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The Visual Arts Area of the SW/TX PCA/ACA seeks research in all aspects of visual art concerning the American experience, past and present. Relevant media may include photography, painting, drawing, graphic design, sculpture, mixed media works and installations, video, digital media, special collections, online collections, public art, maps, printmaking and lithography, and more.

Papers related to this year's theme of "popular/American culture(s) in a global context" are especially encouraged, as are papers related to our conference's home in the American West / Southwest.

Some topics may include, but are not limited to:

- Regionalism and regional styles (California Impressionism, the Northwest School, etc.)
- Various periods and styles (modernism, Surrealism, etc.)
- Politics and art (New Deal art, etc.)
- Artists' colonies
- Depictions of women, minorities, "the other," etc.
- Women artists, minority artists, etc.
- Depictions of America by foreigners
- Portraiture and representation

The submission deadline for the SW/TX PCA/ACA is November 16, 2012. All presenters must enter their own information and proposals into the conference database: conference2013.swtxpca.org. Email questions regarding the Visual Arts Area to area chair Victoria Grieve (Dept of History, Utah State University) at victoria.grieve@usu.edu.
Professors, independent scholars, teachers, and professionals are encouraged to participate. Graduate students are particularly welcome at the conference, which offers awards for the best graduate papers. Please note that the SW/TX PCA/ACA does not generally accept previously presented or published papers. Further, it permits only one presentation per person per year. The conference features numerous individual subject areas, each with its own Area Chair, and each typically including multiple conference panels. Therefore, please consult the area list on the SW/TX PCA/ACA website to determine whether the Visual Arts area is the appropriate area to receive your proposal.
Information about our areas of study, graduate student awards, conference travel, lodging, and the organization can be found at http://www.swtxpca.org

Victoria M. Grieve
Associate Professor of History
Utah State University