Shakespeare Next:A Reappraisal

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Dr Sunita Sinha
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"Shakespeare Next :A Reappraisal"

Respected Sir/Madam,
This is to invite papers for the upcoming anthology on-
" Shakespeare Next : A Reappraisal" to be edited by Dr. Sunita Sinha and published by Atlantic Publishers & Distributors, New Delhi.

The legacy of the Shakespearean plays has been the subject of much scholarly analysis over the centuries.Indeed, so powerful are Shakespearean creations that they not only dominate English literature and English studies, but they have successfully transcended the bounds of culture.Shakespeare's "divine worth" has proven to be so overpowering that, "like the sun it burns while generations pass." Shakespeare continues to speak to us,generations after generations ,throughout the countries and cultures of the world.Confronting the social conventions of class, gender, honor, and race, Shakespeare's plays herald a celebration of the human spirit, triumphant even when it is vanquished. They also probe, question and inquire into the intractable issues of the self and the other, the individual and the community, and the very purpose of life . The works of Shakespeare address these issues with a subtlety and ambiguity that engages us intellectually just as it moves us emotionally. Shakespearean renditions are still so contemporary,so very modern, posing fundamental questions that have become particularly acute in the "contemporary" era.

Preferred Topics:

In an attempt to render faithfully the eclectic nature of Shakespearean Studies,the anthology aims at presenting new approaches to Shakespeare's plays and poetry and pertaining to the issues mentionesd below:
• Future Shakespeares
• Shakespeare between Cultures: Reaching the multivalent audience
• Oriental Shakespeares
• Shakespeare in Translations/Adaptations/Appropriations
• Shakespeare and Gender
• Styling Shakespeare for film : Film or stage versions
• Shakespeare on stage: contemporary approaches
• Future Shakespeares
• Shakespeare from the Margin
• Shakespeare and Culture Studies
• Subaltern Shakespeare
• Political Shakespeare
• Shakespeare in the Asia Pacific
• Euro-American Shakespeare
• Shakespeare in South-East Asia
• Shakespeares Sonnets
• Shakespeare's use of language and rhetoric
• Role of the supernatural in Shakespeare's plays
• Role and function of the fool in Shakespeare's plays
• Idea of revenge in Shakespeare's plays
• Imagery in Shakespeare's plays
• Shakespearean Criticism

Editing requirements:

Contributions are to be sent in approximately 3500-5000 words.
All references and notes should be incorporated strictly according to the latest MLA style sheet.
A bio-brief of the contributor(s) indicating name, institutional affiliation, career history, postal address, phone/mobile number and e-mail id on a separate sheet is to be attached.
Abstract of about 400 words, Key words: maximum 10
Copy of your article as - Hard copy (Printout), soft copy (CD) and a copy by Email, would be preferred by the first week of January, 2013.
All contribitions to be sent at:
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Postal Address:402,Rameshwaram Apartment,Miss Mandal Compound,
East Boring Canal Road,Patna-800001,Bihar,India.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Sunita Sinha
Associate Professor,Department of English,Women's College SamastipurL N Mithila University,Darbhanga,Bihar,INDIA.
Honorary Editor// Resident Director for Bihar for the Atlantic Publishers & Distributors, New Delhi.
Mobile No: 9934917117

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6. Critical responses to Kiran Desai
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