Global Conference SYMBOLS AND THEORIES OF WORLD DEMOCRACIES AND WORLD CULTURES Ahmedabad India 30-31 December 2012

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Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Ahmedabad Kendra
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INTRODUCTION: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Ahmedabad holds a Global conference on 30th and 31st December 2012 . this is the year when Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan completes 75 years whereas it celebrates 125 years of its founder Kulpati K. M. Munshiji. Dr K. M. Munshi had vivid traits of personality. The saga of Indian Freedom Movement shall remain incomplete without mentioning his potential. He was a leader in almost all aspects of life. He was the member of constituent assembly, a bright lawyer, a radical educationist, a nationalist par excellence, an author of great repute, an ardent politician and a worshipper of Indian culture and its ancient traditions.

Deadline for submission of proposals: 9 December 2012

BACKGROUND: Democracy is much appreciated form of government in modern civilised world. It is considered a gift in the form of a powerful, evolving, judicious and equal form of government which is concerned with providing societies who have undergone collective and mass individual trauma - such as colonial rule, extended armed conflict, civil war, military rule, repressive and despotic regimes, and other forms of violations - with processes, methods and mechanisms that cope with the effects of these experiences in order to create political transformation towards conditions of peace, political equity and human rights protection.
CONFERENCE TOPIC: Democracy and culture are not abstract concepts. They aren't the solitary systems as well. Democracy stands upon a number of symbols. The symbols are capable to form theories. A string of culture as depicted in World Democratic Systems through different symbols further strengthens the concept of democratic traditions. Each symbol represents and institution, an arrangement, a provision or a practice each or all of these breathe air into democratic systems.
The strong democratic orders of the world have produced famous symbols in the form of cities, books, people, architectures and institutions. For example Athens presents one aspect of democracy and Gandhi and Suu Kyi another. Considering this broad range of form of democracy, to what extent are democratic symbols and images and democracy mutually reinforcing? How can this and further questions be analyzed from a perspective of art, political science, law, literature and spiritual breadth.
The presenters may use one of the subthemes mentioned below:
1. Symbolising Democracy
2. Democratic Institutions
3. Trajectories of Constitutions
4. Visual symbols in art and architecture in democratic order
5. Cities and Buildings replicating Democracy
6. Reflections of democracy in literary writings
7. Theorising culture
8. Culture of democracy
9. Use-misuse of democratic symbols
10. Formulating culture of symbols
11. People as institutions
12. Equity of thoughts

PURPOSE OF THE CONFERENCE: To address these and related questions, the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Ahmedabad Kendra will hold a 2-day Global conference - employing a broad, interdisciplinary approach and utilizing the comparative experience of other societies and international experts.
The discourse on is intended to make a significant contribution with both local and global implications. The purpose is to arrange in order an array of democratic orders which could lead to further discourses. We anticipate that the conference will result in the publication of a dedicated volume on the topic.

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Researchers interested in addressing questions related to the topic of the conference, are invited to respond to this call for papers with a 250 words abstract of proposal in Times New Roman 12 pt font, for an article and presentation, along with a brief CV. Proposals should be submitted no later than 9th December 2012 via e-mail:

Applicants should receive notification of the committee's decision by 12th December 2012.
International Participants: $ 75
Domestic participants: INR 650/-
Local participants: INR 450/-
The fees includes conference charges, kit, lodging, boarding and meals from 29th evening to 31st afternoon.

Contact info:
Patron: Shri Rohit C. Mehta, Chairman, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Ahmedabad
President: Shri Mukesh Patel, Hon Secretary, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Ahmedabad
Conference Chair: Dr Neerja Arun, Principal, Bhavan's Arts and Commerce College, Ahmedabad.
Conference Convenor: Paavan Pandit, Hon Director, Bhavan's H. B. Insitute of Communication and Management, Ahmedabad