[UPDATE] Georgia State University CFP - New Voices Conference - deadline extended - 12/10

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Georgia State University Graduate English Association New Voices Conference
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New Voices Conference 2013
Featured Theme:
Monsters, Villains & Aberrations: A Conference of Dark Proportions

In a time when villainous fantasy creatures abound in popular media, it is becoming increasingly important to explore the reasons our culture is so drawn to these characters and tropes. This is especially true since we also live in a time in which we seem surrounded by much more mundane, but nonetheless shocking instances of villainy, monstrosity, and aberration. Terrorists, mass-murdering dictators, and serial killers parade hourly across our television screens. Some new "Frankenfood" appears on our supermarket shelves each week. Cable reality shows chronicle with sensationalistic zeal the lives of those who are in some way physically and/or mentally different from "normal" society. Yet our obsession with the deviant and the monstrous is really nothing new. From Enkidu in the ancient Sumerian epic Gilgamesh to Frankenstein's monster and Dracula in the nineteenth century, human cultures across time and across the globe have always been fascinated with representing that which frightens, appalls, and defies our definitions of what's normal. This conference invites scholars from all over the world to contribute research on the 'dark side' of the humanities, while not necessarily limiting themselves to the baddies of contemporary popular culture.

January 17, 18 & 19
Georgia State University Union

All submissions are welcome from all disciplines.