Interdisciplinary Approaches to Literary Regionalism

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Robert Murray
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This panel, proposed for the 2013 American Literature Association convention in Boston, seeks papers that investigate the intersections between contemporary literary criticism about place and region and similar discussions in other fields, such as architectural criticism, cultural geography, and ecology among others.

Such recent movements as critical regionalism demonstrate that two disciplines can have a common interest in examining the relationship between a work of art and the place it occupies, as well as the claims (implicit and explicit) it makes about the recursive effects of that occupation. We invite papers that examine literary regionalism by borrowing the critical apparatus of other disciplines. These include, but are not limited to, the geographical work of Hsuan L. Hsu or Yi Fu-Tuan, work on nationalism done by historians such as Benedict Anderson or Eric Hobsbawm, and the environmental regionalism of Charles H.W. Foster.

Papers should be 15-20 minutes (8-9 pages) in length. Please note that as per ALA guidelines, no one may present more than one paper at the conference. Please send an abstract of about 300 words and a brief bio or c.v. to Robert Murray ( before January 16, 2013.