IAPL 2013: Hospitalities: Biopolitics/Technologies/Humanities (Singapore, 3-9 June)

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International Association for Philosophy and Literature
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Hospitalities: Biopolitics/Technologies/Humanities
3-9 June 2013
The International Association for Philosophy and Literature
37th Annual Conference
National University of Singapore

Singapore hosts Hospitalities: Biopolitics/Technologies/Humanities

We speak of hospitality in several senses.
It defines variously a power, a property, a right, a relation, or a gift.
From the Latin hostis, "to have power," hospitality is associated with places of rest and respite, of care and protection (the hospice and hospital), and of survival and defense.
Out of the same root evolve the senses of hostility: threats that remain open for each event where hospitality is offered or received.
The need or longing for a hospitable space arises regularly in different circumstances. The figure of the refugee (from disaster, war, or diaspora) and the figure of the citizen (whether modern, postcolonial, or unofficial) are put into ambiguous or ambivalent relations when it comes to hospitality. Indispensible political notions, on the edges or limits of legislated boundaries, must engage with hospitalities: tolerance, welcome, dwelling, reception, and remembrance. But also their contraries: intolerance, hostility, homelessness, aporia, forgetting.
The question of maternal hospitality (of the matrix, the mother, the womb, the home): a biological metaphor? a sign of gender? Questions also arise concerning the ecological conditions for a hospitable earth and world or for hospitality towards earth and world.
Hospitality, as an ideal and a practice, performs in its several ways throughout the great port city of post-colonial Singapore. Hospitality as a form of knowledge, of several kinds of expertise, as an issue, a problem to be solved: Singapore is in the thick of it.
Singapore plays host to the Annual Conference of the International Association of Philosophy and Literature in June 2013. The event will not only concern hospitality in all its senses but will also perform as an exemplary event of hospitality. The conference will identify various sites and styles of hospitality, in writing, in building, in design, in architecture, in art and in thought.
The topic of hospitality in Singapore can imply relations in Asia and Southeast Asia to a turbulent world economy and to the changing conditions for questions of the foreigner: foreign policies, international law, cosmopolitanism, globalization, immigration, transmigration, and so on.
Finally the role of the Humanities, especially as it evolves in new forms, new disciplines, and new modes of knowing, can play host to the space in which ancient traditions encounter urgent and contemporary questions.

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