CFP: [African-American] Black Women Activists, 1890-1940 (ASA 11/5-11/8; 1/24/09)

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Julie Cary Nerad

Black Women Activists 1890-1940

Throughout the turbulent decades from 1890 to 1940, African American women
were concerned in myriad ways with negotiating issues of belonging,
citizenship, and sustainability â€" the three organizing themes of ASA 2009.
They advocated for Black rights, and especially for Black women’s rights,
and fought against lynching, social and economic discrimination,
segregation, and unequal educational opportunities. They took their fight
into the capital, as well as into the streets, the classrooms, and the
homes of Blacks and whites alike. They addressed issues in song, treaties,
essays, fiction, drama, poetry, newspaper print, and speeches. On every
front â€" social, educational, political, private, moral, religious â€" they
advocated for equal civil rights, for human rights, for political
representation, for economic and educational opportunity, for legal
protection from discrimination and abuse. And they linked the status and
sustainability of the country to their own status as Black women.

This panel seeks to bring together scholars from various disciplines and
with diverse research interests whose work focuses on Black women activists
from 1890-1940. Some of these activists include Mary McLeod Bethune, Carrie
Williams Clifford, Anna Julia Cooper, Charlotte Forten Grimke, Frances E.
W. Harper, Pauline E. Hopkins, Lucy Craft Laney, Lucy Parsons, Maria W.
Stewart, Mary Church Terrell, Ida B. Wells-Barnett, or others. Papers on
various types of discourse that Black women used to advocate for their
rights â€" the right to full citizenship and the right to belong â€" during
these decades are welcome.

Please send one page abstracts to Dr. Julie Cary Nerad, Morgan State
University, at by January 24, 2009. Please
include the abstract in the email text, not as an attachment. Also please
include your name, rank, academic or professional affiliation, academic
discipline (if relevant), and contact information.

ASA 2009 will be held in Washington D.C., November 5-8. All participants
must be members of ASA by April 30, 2009, and must pre-register for the
convention by May 31, 2009. Participants may only be listed on the
convention program once, so please do not submit an abstract to this
proposed session if you have submitted to another session or plan to chair
a panel.

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