CfP JIDPS Special Issue on Transdisciplinary Challenges of Scientific Cloud Computing; June 30, 2013

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Daniel Versick / University of Rostock & Society of Design and Process Science

Cloud Computing implements the next generation Internet computing by realizing cost-oriented and on-demand provisioning of resources for arbitrary customers. IT resources, platforms and services are made available at virtually unlimited scale for everybody, everywhere, and anytime. Since Cloud environments help to gain access to specialized software, dedicated computational resources, or new storage facilities, they open new possibilities for any kind of scientific work that relies on computational or data analysis. Such Cloud Computing environments and their scientific workload are an interdisciplinary challenge on their own – the Cloud infrastructure must consider the specific needs of the scientific application, and the scientific application must consider the targeted Cloud runtime environment. On the one hand, this special issue focuses on Cloud Computing architectures and services designed to fulfill the requirements of different fields of science. On the other hand, it considers necessary adoptions in scientific approaches (e.g. in algorithms) in order to prepare them for Cloud execution.
Relevant topics include but are not limited to:
* Cloud architectures and Cloud systems for science and examples of
scientific Cloud applications
* Specialized Cloud services for transdisciplinary use cases and
their business models
* Potential of Cloud services for scalable research (e.g. cost-
benefit balancing)
* Cloud standards and Cloud Interfaces for end users (e.g. data
formats, user interfaces)
* Cloud security and privacy aspects for scientific data as well as
problems like vendor-lock-in
* Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting in the Cloud

Deadline for initial submission: June 30, 2013
Time for the first decision: September 13, 2013
Deadline for submitting revisions: November 1, 2013
Second round review: December 16, 2013
Time for the final decision: January 31, 2014
Publication date: March, 2014

Submission Instructions:
All authors are invited to obtain early feedback on possible sub-
missions by e-mailing an abstract to the Guest Editors. Papers will
be rigorously refereed by four peer reviewers of the Journal. Sub-
mission of a manuscript to this special issue of JIDPS implies that
no similar paper is already accepted or will be submitted to any
other conference or journal. Papers of an appropriate standard not
included in the special issue may be considered for publication in
a regular issue of JIDPS. Manuscripts should be submitted through
the journal editorial management system:
A paper template can be downloaded from the same website.