Edited Collection -- Film for Children: Redefining the Consumption of Visual Narratives (ABSTRACTS due January 15, 2013)

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Dr. Karin Beeler or Dr. Stan Beeler / University of Northern British Columbia
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Edited Collection -- Film for Children: Redefining the Consumption of Visual Narratives

(ABSTRACTS due January 15, 2013)

As editors of a collection on Film for Children: Redefining the Consumption of Visual Narratives, we are inviting proposals/abstracts for a few additional chapters to complete this collection. This volume (under contract with McFarland) will focus on films for children and the numerous factors that contribute to the redefinition of children's film over the last 15 years. The need to re-examine the concept of films for children coincides with the rise of films in DVD format and more recently, the availability of other technology for the dissemination of film [(Blueray; itunes; Netflix; Netflix Just for Kids(for 12 and under)] outside the context of the cinema (or theatrical release) experience. The inclusion of material that caters to a mixed demographic of child/adult viewers along with other forms of hybridity (live action/animation within a single film) and the creation of companion texts and technologies necessitate a re-evaluation of how children's films must be re-contextualized.

Proposed Table of Contents

Divided into four key sections, the book will permit coverage of four key areas: (although the final division/composition will depend on the scope and quality of the submissions for this collection. Potential contributors are encouraged to suggest other topics that could be accommodated by the focus of this book).


Defining children's film/ definition of the child/ childhood/

Redefining the audience for children's film: joint audiences (child/adult; family film)

The child as character in films for children; the adult child/the childish adult

Netflix/ Itunes

Horror / western / fantasy /science fiction/ Animated Film/ Live Action /short film
How has genre been used or transformed in recent children's film?

3. ADAPTATION: From text to image to text

Film and literature; companion texts for film (e.g. tie ins; guides)

From television to film (e.g. The Simpsons; Wizards of Waverly Place)


Entertainment: Film and videogame culture

Education through film and technology; media literacy

Theories of play; violence and harm

Online Sites

Consumer Culture/ Advertising/Toys/merchandise/

Building Narratives across media

Deadline for abstracts: January 15, 2013 (Send abstracts to Karin.Beeler@unbc.ca AND Stan.Beeler@unbc.ca
Attach a bio or brief cv.

If your abstract is accepted, a 5,000 – 5500 word essay will be due May 15, 2013 (further details will be made available)
To receive additional information on the project please contact either Dr. Karin Beeler or Dr. Stan Beeler

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Dr. Stan Beeler (Professor) Stan.Beeler@unbc.ca

Dr. Karin Beeler (Professor) Karin.Beeler@unbc.ca

Department of English, University of Northern British Columbia
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